Servicing as a plus

Are you experiencing technical problems? Or is your machine in need of servicing? Our team of skilled service mechanics will be happy to assist you. All our service mechanics are specialists in their area of expertise. They know our machines inside out and constantly keep up to date with the latest technological developments. Our priority is getting and keeping your machine up and running



In-house servicing

Van Der Spek has a fully equipped workshop in Ternat where we can work on your machine in optimum conditions. Our team has all the necessary equipment and spare parts within easy reach. A large number of original parts are always held in stock, allowing us to react quickly

On-site servicing

Our large and dedicated team of field service technicians can tackle any challenge. We have well-equipped servicing vehicles ready to provide assistance at your site. Whether it involves a rented tower crane or a purchased asphalt paver, we will try to get your equipment back up and running as quickly as possible.


We have six in-house teams of highly skilled crane assembers to handle the erection and dismantling of tower cranes. You can rely on them to ensure a safe and efficient tower crane erection. You own your own Liebherr, but want to us to erect or dismantle it for you? No problem! We are only to happy to help.

Regular maintenance

To prevent technical problems, we conduct regular maintenance on all our rental machines. This is essential to keep our rental machines in safe and peak operating condition. If you have your own machine, we advise you to have preventive maintenance performed on a regular basis. Planned machine downtime is always preferable to an unplanned outage.


Do you have a used machine that deserves a second lease on life? Our refurbishing department sees to it that your machine leaves our workshop as good as new. We first dismantle the machine completely to inspect and try out every single part. We then blast it and give it a new base coat as well as a finishing coat.

Engineering department

If you’re looking for technical information or advice on a machine, our engineering department is happy to think along with you and go through the capabilities and limitations of the various machines. For cranes, we perform any calculations necessary to deliver a safe and reliable crane construction. In this way, we contribute to the successful erection of the crane and the safety of the workers who will be using it. 

Safety at the forefront

When it comes to safety, only the strictest standards will do. We are ISO- and-VCA certified, so you can be confident that our machines meet the most stringent safety guidelines. We ensure that all our machines are thoroughly inspected and rigorously maintained to make sure they are safe and reliable for use on your construction site. We also provide a robust safety plan and perform in-depth risk analyses. So you can get down to work with complete peace of mind.