Crushing and screening equipment

Crushing and screening equipment

Are you looking for a particular crushing or screening plant to process and recycle materials? Van Der Spek offers a wide range of machines designed for processing different waste streams.

High-quality material

At Van Der Spek, you rent machines from major brands with only original parts and a known history of use and maintenance. Moreover, any crane you rent from us comes from our own rental fleet. That way, we – and you – are sure of the quality we provide.

Crushing and screening

You can hire both crushers and screens from us. Are you looking to crush large materials such as concrete, asphalt and rubble into smaller pieces to contribute to a more sustainable and environmentally friendly construction process?
Or do you want to separate heavy material so as to reuse it for specific building applications? We will provide you with the best material to reduce and separate waste.

For rent

Rubble master

Crushing and screening plant






Star screens for screening compost, soil with rock portions, industrial waste and wood waste, and for mixing soil with lime


Mobile drum screens for screening waste materials such as soil, sand, compost and wood shavings


Mobile conveyor belts on crawler tracks are also available

Less waste?

Considering the use of a crushing or screening plant to reduce your waste stream in your next project? We would be pleased to work with you to come up with the best solution.