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How we make it work

Over the years, we have built a strong reputation by combining top-notch service with an unwavering commitment to quality.

This calls for employees who are sensitive to customers’ needs and have the drive to go the extra mile to deliver quality, each and every day. Employees who work together as a team towards one goal: to ensure that every single one of our customers’ machines runs as it should.

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Trust and respect are of major importance to us at Van Der Spek. We are one team working together towards the same goal: delivering top-quality machines that turn every construction project into a success.

And we like to do that together with you. By carefully listening to your needs and requirements and by offering the right solutions. Because together we can go further.


We are professionals and like to get down to business. No chit-chat or beating around the bush. We prefer to focus on getting the work done in an efficient and smart manner.

We head straight for our goal and make well-informed decisions. With one single goal in mind: making sure you get the most out of your machines.


Our ambition is to be and remain the best supplier in Belgium. This is reflected in everything that we do. In every project we pull out all the stops to achieve the best possible result. We opt for strong brands and have cutting-edge technical expertise.

No matter the scale or complexity of the challenge, we will not be satisfied until we manage to get the most out of a machine.


Safety is the backbone of everything we do. As we want to guarantee our customers a safe working environment, we op for reliable machines that meet the strictest safety requirements, constantly invest in maintenance and inspection and make sure all our staff members are adequately trained.

We aim to make a positive impact by also supporting our customers in creating a safe working environment.


We take active steps to create a positive impact on the environment. By embedding sustainability in all our business activities whenever we can and by offering electric machines as an eco-friendly alternative. This is how we help you reduce the environmental footprint of your projects.

In this way, we want to contribute to creating a greener future and bringing about a positive change in the industry.

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