Documentation and software

Technical specifications

The right documentation and software

Accurate documentation and the right software contribute to a safer and more efficient operation of your machines. Every machine comes with a user manual, spare parts list or other related documents. We can provide duplicates of these documents at an additional charge.

Well documented

The user manual of your machines provides further information about their capacities, operation and maintenance. For instance, directions on how to erect a tower crane or how to adjust the settings of a concrete pump.

This enables you to use and maintain the machine correctly, thus reducing the risk of accidents and malfunctions.

Smart software

For certain machines, we can provide you with the necessary software to operate or monitor the machine. This software for instance allows you to optimise the machine’s performance, diagnose errors or improve productivity. And you increase the safety and reliability of your machine at the same time.

Lost a document?

Has a manual gone missing? Need a new spare parts list? Looking for other machine-related documentation? We can provide duplicates of these documents at an additional charge. 

Our in-house engineering department

Are you looking for general technical information to help you determine whether your machine is suited for a specific project? Or because you want to prevent unsafe situations. Submit your question and we will examine how we can assist you further.

Need a technical data sheet for the erection of your own cranes? All information on the standard assembly methods of your crane can be found in the manual. Therefore we advise you to consult the crane’s manual first. If you are ready to actually erect your crane, we will be happy to provide you with a technical data sheet free of charge. If you are renting a crane, you will receive the necessary information together with the rental contract.

How much does a technical data sheet cost?

A first technical study is free of charge, a second costs €50 and as from the third study, you are charged €100.