Construction cranes

Construction cranes

Van Der Spek is one of the world’s largest distributors  of Liebherr tower cranes. We rent out virtually any type of Liebherr tower crane or fast-erecting crane.


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High-quality material

Every construction crane you rent from Van Der Spek is an original Liebherr with only original parts  and a known history of use and maintenance. Moreover, any crane you rent from us comes from our own rental fleet. That way, we – and you – are sure of the quality we provide

Top-slewing cranes and bottom-slewing cranes

We have both top-slewing and bottom-slewing cranes on rental. Whichever crane you choose, it will always be a Liebherr. As for the bottom-slewing cranes, our portfolio comprises stationary and rail-mounted constructions ranging from 10 TM to 120 TM. In the top-slewing crane category, we have the conventional trolley cranes and flat-top cranes covering the range from 30 TM to 1,000 TM.


Van Der Spek has a wide range of crane components that you can also rent separately. You can even rent machine lifts or camera systems from us. Contact us to discover the various options available

Including transport, erection and dismantling

When we rent out tower cranes, we deliver a total package, which means that transport, erection and dismantling of the rented construction crane are included. As is the inspection before commissioning. You can also call on us for quick interventions if required

Innovative hoisting cable

The tower cranes 240 EC-B 10 Fibre, 278 EC-B 12 Fibre and 370 EC-B 12 all feature the fibre hoist rope developed by Liebherr in 2019. This synthetic fibre hoisting cable replaces the steel hoisting cables traditionally used in tower cranes. The fibre cable is five times lighter than a comparable steel rope, which offers significant advantages in terms of assembly and use. It offers up to 20% more jib head load capacity. What’s more, the fibre rope’s service life is four times longer and it requires no maintenance.

Lift your project to new heights

If you are wondering which construction crane to choose for your next project, we will be glad to help you find the perfect piece of equipment.