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Spare parts

As exclusive importer of very renowned world brands, we deliver also original spare parts.   An interesting price, but above all, the high standard quality and durability make your investment worthwile.   Wendy Genyn, Patrick De Lange, Christiaan De Cock and Steven Van Den Eynde are at your service.
We have a great number of spare parts in stock.  You can pick them up in Ternat whenever you want.  You don't need them today? Give us 24 hours and you'll have them by tomorrow!
Did you order too many parts or do some parts appear not to be needed,  please send them back to us within a reasonable period of time.  In some cases we need to charge you for return expenses.  Also we might be forced to charge the check up and/or reprogramming of electronical parts on return.   Please contact the department involved for advise prior to returning parts.
They will be pleased to find the most appropriate solution for you.  
Easy order 
You can fasten the delivery of your order by giving us following details:
  • Type of machine
  • Serial number
  • Part number
  • Delivery address
Within the framework of considered environmental policy en limitation of trash streams, we recycle the packing of our various suppliers  by reusing them for our own deliveries.  Just a small part of the expenses are charged to the end user.  A cure for our mother earth and a gain for your shipping costs ! 

Wendy Genyn
T 02/583 06 93
F 02/431 04 06
- Liebherr mobile- and crawler cranes

Patrick De Lange
T 02/583 06 49
F 02/431 04 06
- Liebherr tower cranes 
- Liebherr truck mixers, concrete pomps and batching plants
- Fuchs handling and recycling equipment
- Geda personnel hoists

Christiaan De Cock
T 02/583 06 80
F 02/431 04 06
- Dynapac pavers, rollers & planers

Steven Van Den Eynde
T 02/583 06 45
F 02/431 04 05
- Materials and tools

Faxnumber for ordering spare parts F 02/528 48 28
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