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Documentation & Software

All cranes are supplied with an operating manuel, spare parts lists and other documents relating to the serial number concerned.  Replacement deliveries are charged for.

CD-Rom Paper Prices excl. VAT  

    Bottom-slewing cranes  
 60,00 75,00 Operating manual  
 60,00 75,00 Spare -parts list  
 60,00 75,00 Operating manual - axles  

    Top-slewing cranes  
  125,00 150,00 Operating manuals  
  125,00 150,00 Spare - parts list  
  --- 25,00 Operating manual for crane operator - German  
  --- 35,00 Operating manual  - foreign languages  

    MK Superstructure  
   190,00 250,00 Operating manual  
   190,00 250,00 Spare parts list  

    MK Undercarriage  
    190,00 250,00 Operating Manual  
    190,00 250,00 Spare - parts list  

Prices are in Euro, piece/excl. VAT.   A history factor of 1.5 is applied to documentation for cranes more that 15 years old

Your request can be send to     kristofv@vanderspek-bel.com  
F  02/583.06.24 

More prices and info regarding our range of services offered for tower cranes please contact erikv@vanderspek-bel.com.

Supplementary details

Prix en Euro, TVA excl. TVA   

125,00                       Crane test log book, duplicate  
60,00 Conformity and manufacturer's declaration, cranes 1995-present, duplicate  
60,00 General operating permit (ABE) for axles, duplicate  
10,00 Crane record book (1)  
50,00 Crane record book (10)  
10,00 Crane inspection sequence pursuant to BGV D6  (1)  
75,00 Crane inspection sequence pursuant to BGV D6 (10)  
25,00 Wiring diagram from operating manual, by e-mail  
60,00 Wiring diagram original (old cranes), by e-mail  
60,00 Operating manual, CD-Rom  
75,00 Operating manual - axles, paper  
Via LRU Crane permit, Russian  
125,00 Mnual - Tower combinations, paper  
40,00 Mnual - Tower combinations, subsequent delivery, paper  
100,00 Manuel- Tower combinations, CD-ROM  
10,00 Liebherr folder 70 mm  
12,00 Liebherr filder 90 mm  
min. 30,00 Other manuals and instructions (LMB,EMS, MDE, MDA, ABB, FU, SPS, power sets etc.……) on a time and material basis   
min. 10,00 Other duplicates of certificates supplied with the crane; on a time and material basis  
free CAD crane planner  (crane silhouette, DXF Files) – CD-Rom  
free Corner load calculation for MK mobile construction cranes (load curves and corner loads)  CD-Rom  
150,00 Tower combinations and building anchorings CD-Rom  

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