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How does it work 
In our order confirmation, you will find details of the warranty that applies to the delivered equipment.
This warranty can be used as follows:
  • Through our after sales service
  • Through our depot 
Through our after sales service
If you make use of this service, most of the time one of our own technicians/mechanics will carry out the repair.   In this case you will not receive any invoice, unless of course it would be a matter of bad intention or negligence as far as maintenance is concerned.  Once we've done the repair, the matter is closed for you. We do advise you to inform the after sales department that, in your opinion, the repair is warranty related. 
Through our depot 
If you apply for the warranty through our depot, we assume that most of the time you will carry out the repair yourself.  In this case, the procedure is different.  Van der Spek as well  has to claim the damaged parts at the factory.  Therefore, you must return it to us.  If we do not return a damaged part to the factory we are not reimbursed which means that we will not be able to compensate the value to you.  In order to submit your request, you can fill out our application form which must be returned to us together with the damaged part.   Initially you will receive an invoice for the part which will be credited after receipt of the reimbursement from the factory.   We would appreciate your understanding. 
Follow these instructions when ordering parts under warranty through our depot: 

Fill out application form and return it to us at the same time as the damaged part

Download Word document: CLAIM_FORM_SPARE_PARTS

After receipt of the part, it will be credited immediatly. 

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